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Rearranging Your Bathroom to Fit a Toilet

Toilets are a necessary and often coveted addition to any bathroom. While most homes come with them pre-installed, in some cases, remodeling your space might require adjusting the layout to locate them properly. Here are some tips for rearranging your restroom to fit a toilet.

1. Investigate Plumbing Layout

When it comes to introducing a toilet, the most important factor will be the location of the plumbing under the bathroom floors. Knowing where the drain lines are and whether or not they’re in the correct place for a new toilet will save you a lot of headaches.

2. Review Your Bathroom

Once your plumbing considerations have been taken into account, it's time to review the existing layout of the bathroom. For example, you’ll want to consider the existing placement of wall penetrations and sinks, as they might affect where you can locate a toilet.

3. Position the Toilet

Once you’ve determined where you’re able to place the toilet it’s time to move onto positioning it. Place it at least 15” away from any walls on each side and never right before an existing sink.

4. Consider Your Plumbing Needs

Although the modern toilet does not require a separate plumbing source, it’s a good idea to check for this before beginning remodeling. If you’re dealing with an unusual home or bathroom layout, there are a few scenarios to watch out for.
    • Relocating an outlet for a toilet might require a new source of electricity
    • Shifting the sink will require new water and drainage lines
    • Introducing a tub or showerhead alongside the toilet will require a dedicated plumbing line

5. Clearances

Once the plumbing has been sorted out, attention should be paid to the clearance between the toilet and other bathroom fixtures. The toilet must be at least 18” away from the base of any existing sink, bathtub or other fixture.

Rearranging your bathroom to fit a toilet is not easy task and should be left to professionals. Knowledge is power, and knowing the technical aspects ahead of time will save you money, time and hassle in the long run.
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