About us

Lordear Home Inc. is a company focusing on home building materials (kitchen, and bathroom, hardware, lamps, etc.). Household items (indoor and outdoor furniture, etc.), office furniture-related products, and is committed to providing overseas consumers with high-quality products and services. A cross-border trade B2C e-commerce enterprise.

The company is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, with an American company (Mayson Logistic, Inc) and a wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong (Sarlai (Hong Kong) Limited). The products of the Lordear brand have received positive responses from the European and American markets in the development and operation of multiple third-party platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Wayfair,Homedepot, and lowes, and have been recognized and loved by consumers.

Consumer demand oriented

As a cross-border e-commerce oriented by consumer demand, the company has established a professional business integration and product marketing team, and has complete regular big data analysis, which can be based on actual product sales data, consumer usage habits and style preferences and other factors Actively and effectively make rectifications to meet market demands.
Over the years, the company has continuously improved the product transaction experience and reduced transaction costs through the integration of the upstream and downstream supply chains of products. It has become synonymous with "high cost performance, high efficiency and high quality", and its product channels are also centered on the European and American markets. , and gradually develop to cover various countries and regions.

Our story

Dare to challenge and be brave to improve yourself
More than ten years of development
Lordear started with scientific research and focuses on the integration and innovation of kitchen and bathroom and furniture and home furnishing.
From the development of offline channels to the operation of online platforms
The company has won the recognition of domestic and foreign markets with its professionalism and quality

Lordear adheres to the principle of orderly business

  • Also abide by integrity and win-win
  • Bring services and products closer to consumers
  • Visualize the process and ensure the service
  • Empathy behind every data
  • The careful consideration of each product comes out
  • Lordear as a cross-border e-commerce company founded in China
  • On the mission to bring beauty to consumers around the world
  • Start from a corner of life
  • Fall in love with the heart and focus of Lordear products

Lordear's Core Values

1. Integrity: Put morality first; adhere to the important principles of fairness, honesty, and trustworthiness; use the power of integrity to have a positive impact on the surrounding.
2. Responsibility: The greatest responsibility is the responsibility of the entire enterprise to society. The enterprise shoulders the responsibility of improving the ability/quality and integrity of the employees; bringing stable and rich material income and spiritual power to the employees, and continuously improving the employees' sense of honor, pride and belonging by enhancing the brand. Employees need to be conscientious and efficient; have the courage to take responsibility, take the initiative to meet new tasks and challenges; maintain curiosity, keep learning, and pursue excellence.
3. Diligence: Diligence is the requirement of industry and company development;

The cross-border e-commerce industry is the most promising industry today. However, risks and opportunities coexist, and God’s reward for hard work has become the survival law of this industry;
Diligence and dedication has always been the source and fine tradition of the company's success. Only our young team has achieved industry-leading achievements with a spirit of hard work, selfless work, continuous motivation and self-transcendence; at the current stage of development, we must face up to the gap between us and peer companies, so we must maintain and carry forward The fine tradition of diligence and dedication makes up for our deficiencies in operation and management with diligence. Diligence is the requirement of competition; we may not be smarter than our competitors, so we must be more diligent than our competitors. Diligence is the requirement for personal growth of employees;
Diligence is the most basic quality of all successful people. Through institutional constraints and concept advocacy, the company gradually makes diligence a normal behavior and work habit for young employees, and cultivates a virtue that benefits employees for life. In the end, diligence not only repays the company, but also repays the employees themselves.


Phone Number: +86 137 9819 5515

Email: support@lordear.com

Address: Shaluowancun,Nansha District Guangzhou, Guangdong, 511458 China

Note: We do not handle warranty request by phone. Only by email to support@lordear.com, or leave your message at the contact page.