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Designing an Attractive and Functional Bathroom with a Toilet

No matter what type of living space you have, having a bathroom with a toilet is essential for day-to-day use of the space. Many people find designing an attractive and functional bathroom with a toilet daunting, but it doesn't have to be. With these tips, and your own creative touch, you can create a beautiful bathroom your family will enjoy for many years.

Choosing a Toilet

The toilet is the focal point of any bathroom, and the first thing to consider when designing your own. When selecting a toilet, look for one that is the most efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and fits within your budget. Here are a few tips:
    • Size: Make sure the toilet you select fits the dimensions of your bathroom.
    • Style: Do you want a one-piece or two-piece toilet? Do you want a traditional or modern look?
    • Features: Consider adding features like slow-close seats, night lights, and eco-friendly flush.

Planning the Layout

Once you've chosen a toilet, it's time to plan the layout of your bathroom. Think about the wish-list items you want in the room, such as a sink, shower or bath, vanity, and storage. Also, consider the size of your bathroom, and make sure to leave enough space for items such as the toilet, sink, and shower.


Once you've planned out the layout of the bathroom, it's time to have some fun and decorate! Consider the overall style of the room, such as modern or traditional. Choose accessories, art, and fixtures that work with the style and color of your toilet. You can also add a few not-so-functional elements, such as plants, storage baskets, and mirrors.

Finishing Touches

The final step in designing an attractive and functional bathroom with a toilet is to add the finishing touches. Consider adding curtains or shades for privacy, area rugs for comfort, and lighting for ambiance. Finally, there's nothing quite like an air-freshening spray to make the bathroom feel like home.

Creating an attractive and functional bathroom with a toilet is within reach. With the right planning and design, you can create a bathroom your family will enjoy for years to come.
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