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Understanding the Advantages of Kitchen Sinks with Under-Mount Installation

Are you considering an upgrade to your kitchen sink? Under-mount installation provides an elegant, contemporary look and several advantages over traditional drop-in sinks.

What is an Under-Mount Sink?

An under-mount sink is a type of kitchen sink where the sink is mounted from below the countertop, so that the countertop material wraps over the sink, creating a solid edge all the way around. This type of installation is the preferred choice for contemporary designs, because of the sleek, uniform look it creates.

Advantages of an Under-Mount Sink

Under-mount kitchen sinks offer several advantages over traditional drop-in sinks, including:

    • Customizable: Under-mount sinks are available in a wider range of shapes, sizes and materials than drop-in sinks, offering more customization options.
    • Increased Capacity: Under-mount sinks provide more storage space, as the interior can be wider than a drop-in sink, making it easier to rinse, soak or stack dishes.
    • Easy to Clean: Since under-mount sinks are mounted beneath the countertop, it eliminates the edge and curve on the countertop surface where dirt can accumulate.
    • Flexible Installation: Under-mount sinks can be installed on any countertop, including solid surface countertops such as granite or marble.

Cost and Installation

The cost of an under-mount kitchen sink depends on the type of sink you choose. Installation can be complex, so it is important to hire a professional to ensure proper installation.


Under-mount kitchen sinks offer an elegant, modern look and several advantages over traditional drop-in sinks. From increased capacity, to easier cleaning and more customizable options, under-mount sinks are a great option for any kitchen. When planning a kitchen renovation, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different kitchen sink types. Among the myriad of options available, kitchen sinks with under-mount installation are growing in popularity.

An under-mount kitchen sink offers a unique and stylish look that is hard to define.

The native design of this sink integrates seamlessly with the countertop, providing an attractive and streamlined appearance that many homeowners desire. In fact, this smooth look is one of the major advantages of under-mount sinks as they offer seemingly more countertop space. Not only do they appear large and spacious, but they create an illusion of spaciousness from their sleek and sleek design.

Another advantage of under-mount kitchen sinks is the self-rimming feature, which allows for easy cleaning. This design feature prevents crumbs and other food particles from gathering around the edges of the sink, making it easier to keep clean and hygienic.

Under-mount kitchen sinks also provide greater aesthetic control, as they allow homeowners to choose their own material, such as porcelain, copper, ceramic, quartz and stainless steel, among others. Despite the extra cost of installing an under-mount sink, homeowners will be able to select the type of sink that best suits the style and needs of their home.

Lastly, under-mount installations are highly resilient and are not prone to breakage or delamination overtime like over-mount sinks. The under-mount feature allows for a stronger hold between the sink and countertop, requiring less caulking and providing a greater sealed edge than over-mount type sink.

In summary, under-mount kitchen sinks offer a stylish look and require minimal maintenance. As any type of kitchen sink installation requires a professional and informed decision, it is important to understand the advantages of under-mount kitchen sinks before making the final decision.

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