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  • Most dirt will wash off with mild soap and warm
  • For tough spots, use liquid dish washing soap or non-chlorine
  • Do not use abrasive material such steel wool or scouring pads to clean the acrylic
  • Always test the cleaning solution on a small area before using it on the entire
  • Do not allow cleaning to soak on the acrylic
  • Rinse thoroughly with water immediately and wipe dry with soft 

Repair and Maintenance

  • Use liquid polish compound such as Gel-Gloss Kitchen and Bath Polish(TM) to keep the original shine of acrylic
  • Light scratches can be removed with polishing compound for
  • For deeper scratches use wet sandpaper (1500 grit or higher). Always add water when sanding and lightly sand the area larger than the scratch in a circular motion to remove the scratches. Repeat until the scratch is removed. Use soft cloth and small amount of polishing compound to restore Repeat as needed until surface shine is restored.
  • The bathtub must be installed and used as described in this manual Use caution when entering or exiting the bathtub
  • Do not permit children or persons with infirmities to use the bathtub without supervision of an adult
  • People using any medications or having adverse medical history must consult a physician prior to use of the bathtub to avoid potential hyperthermia and possible drowning
  • Water temperature over 100ºF may cause hyperthermia and/or other health problems. Check water temperature and adjust it for your personal comfort
  • Never use bathtub while intoxicated, after taking meals or any alcoholic beverages. Consuming alcoholic beverages before or during bathing will cause drowsiness and may result in hyperthermia, loss of consciousness, or even drowning
  • If you are pregnant or you feel that you are may be pregnant, consult your doctor before using the bathtub
  • Never use any electrical devices such as hair dryer, lamp, telephone, tv, radio, or others within 5 feet of the bathtub
  • Do not overfill the bathtub before enetering. Entering the bathtub when filled will cause overflow and slippery conditions. Use extreme caution when entering and exiting.

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