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Everything You Need to Know About Installing a Toilet in the Bathroom

An essential part of a bathroom remodel is installing a new toilet. Doing it yourself can save money, but it might be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. To help you, here’s an overview of everything you need to know about installing a toilet.

Gather the Right Supplies

Before you start, make sure you have all of the items you’ll need. You’ll need the toilet, toilet bolts, wax ring, adjustable wrench, and a putty knife. If you need to install supply lines for the toilet, make sure you have the appropriate lines and connectors as well.

Prepare the Mounting Surface

The first step is to prepare the mounting surface for the toilet base. Make sure that the surface is level and flat. If there are irregularities, use a leveling compound to make the surface even. When finished, use a vacuum to remove any dust or debris.

Install the Wax Ring

Place the wax ring in the opening of the toilet base. This will create an airtight seal and make sure that water does not leak out. Make sure that the wax ring is firmly in place before proceeding.

Attach the Toilet Base

Secure the toilet base to the mounting surface using the toilet bolts. Make sure the bolts are tightened sufficiently to prevent any movement. Once the bolts are securely in place, move on to the next step.

Hook Up Supply Lines

If you need to hook up supply lines to the toilet, check the manufacturer instructions on how to do so. Once the lines are connected, turn on the water and test the lines to make sure everything is connected properly.

Finishing Up

Once everything is hooked up properly and the toilet is secured to the base, it’s time to finish up the install. Use a putty knife to scrape off any old wax and make sure that the bolts are still tight. Finally, give your new toilet a good cleaning and you’re done!


Installing a toilet in a bathroom is not as difficult as it seems. With the right supplies, some prep work, and a little bit of knowledge, you can have your new toilet installed in no time. Good luck and happy remodeling!
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