8-Mode 5 in. Rainshower and Handheld Shower Head with Hose and Pause Button in Matte Black

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This is a practical shower set. The handheld shower and rain shower are mounted on the same bracket, reducing wall drilling and making the bathroom more aesthetically pleasing. The three-way switch makes it easy to switch water flow patterns. The handheld shower and overhead spray can be used separately or together. Each shower head has 8 spray patterns. After a hard day's work, go home and enjoy a comfortable shower massage!
  • 8-Mode Shower Spray
Pulsating massage, Rain massage, Power rain, Rain fog, Power mist,Rainfall,etc...
  • Easy to Install:
Two showerheads are compactly mounted on a shower bracket.No need for redundant drilling.
  •  3-Way Switch:
Easy adjustment of water flow pattern.You can use the double shower head separately or together.
  •  Pause Buttom: 
Matte black handheld shower has a stop button to pause water for shaving or shampooing, then resume without needing to re-adjust the water temperature. Saving water.
  • Stainless Steel Hose:
59 inch T304 stainless steel hose with 1/2" connectors to provide plenty of range for bathing kids or dogs. 
  • Package Included:
Shower head,Handheld Shower,Stainless Steel Shower Arm,3-way connection,Shower pipe,Shower Bracket,Mounting Accessories
  •  90 Days limited lifetime warranty
  • 8-Mode 5 in. Rainshower and Handheld Shower Head with Hose and on/off Button in Matte Black