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Making the Most of a Tiny Bathroom with a Toilet

Bathrooms are a necessity that occupy a lot of space in the home. When you have a tiny bathroom, it can seem like the space is impossible to make the most of. However, there are plenty of ways to make the most of a tiny bathroom and make it look bigger, better and more enjoyable regardless of its size. Here are a few tips for making the most of a tiny bathroom when you have a toilet in it.

Go Bright and Light

One of the best ways to make a small space seem larger is to keep it bright and light. Opt for white walls, light-colored fixtures, bright lightbulbs and a lightly-colored flooring. This will open up the space and make it seem larger. Consider also installing a mirror to help even more.

Utilize Storage

When you only have a tiny bathroom, it’s essential that you utilize all available storage. Wall mounted cabinets and shelves, over-the-toilet shelves, and a rolling cart are perfect and ideal for a smaller space. This will help from your countertop from becoming cluttered and make it easy to store all of your essentials.

Remove any Unnecessary Objects

In a tiny bathroom, every inch of space counts. So, take a look around yours and decide if there are any items you don’t use or need. Remove any unnecessary objects from the bathroom to free up more space. This may include moving decorative items to other rooms, and taking out items such as large rugs or vanity chairs.

Add Plants

Plants are a great way to liven up any small space. Adding a few plants to your tiny bathroom will liven it up and bring a little nature inside. There are plenty of great options that thrive with limited light and can tolerate a level of humidity like a bromeliad or orchid.

Tips for Toilet Placement in a Tiny Bathroom

The toilet plays an important role in the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean it needs to take up a ton of space. Here are some tips that may help you when placing the toilet in your tiny bathroom.
  • Angle the toilet – Angling the toilet will help save a lot of space in the bathroom.
  • Tuck the toilet away – Consider tucking the toilet away in a corner, or behind a wall if the layout allows.
  • Choose a slim model – When selecting a toilet for a small bathroom, slim models are best.
Making the most of a tiny bathroom can be challenging, but it is achievable. Following the tips outlined above can help you transform your tiny bathroom and make it into a space that you can enjoy.
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