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Five Secrets to Getting the Most Out of Your Bathroom with a Toilet

Remodeling a bathroom can often be stressful, but when a toilet is part of the equation, it can feel like a huge undertaking. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of your bathroom when you include a toilet.

Choose the Right Toilet

When it comes to getting the most out of your bathroom with a toilet, the first step is choosing the right toilet. Consider factors like size, shape, and flushing power before you make a decision. A toilet that is the wrong size, shape, or with too weak of a flushing power, can leave you feeling cramped in your small bathroom or disappointed with the aesthetics.

Use the Proper Toilet Installation

Once you have the right toilet, you'll need to ensure it is properly installed. Proper installation requires the following steps:
  • Secure the base of the toilet - Using a wax seal and bolts to fasten the base of the toilet to the bathroom floor are integral to a good seal and secure placement.
  • Connect the water supply line - Attaching the fill valve to the cold water supply and tightening is essential to creating an efficient toilet.
  • Install the tank - A watertight rubber seal ensures the tank joints are secure and water-ready, as well as a reliable flush.
  • Check the functionality - Be sure that once the installation is complete the toilet flushes properly and functions as expected.

Keep Your Toilet Clean

Your bathroom will get the most out of your toilet when it is properly taken care of. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep it looking its best and functioning flawlessly. It is recommended to have your toilet cleaned at least once every week and to sanitize the toilets in your bathroom at least twice per month.

Choose the Right Accompanying Fixtures

The fixtures used with a toilet are just as important as the toilet itself. Make sure to choose the right fixtures that will complement the toilet and the overall bathroom space. Sink faucets, showerheads, and towel bars all play a role in creating a unified look in your bathroom.

Consider Your Practical Needs

No matter how well you design your bathroom, it won't be complete unless it meets all of your practical needs. Be sure to consider how much storage space you need, if you need a shower or bathtub, and what type of ventilation you need to make the bathroom comfortable.

Reimagining your bathroom with a toilet is a great way to give your bathroom a more elegant and functional look. By taking into consideration the above tips you can be sure to get the most out of your bathroom remodel.
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